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Humans do have stripes, called 'Blaschko's Lines'. They are named after the man who first observed them in 1901, and they're normally invisible, showing up only if a person has certain kinds of skin disease. Alfred Blaschko (1858-1922), a German dermatologist, studied 140 such patients, and made records by painstakingly copying the patterns onto dolls and statues. The lines describe complex V, S and U shapes all over the skin. When they are drawn on, the body resembles a wireframe rendering for a computer animation, and the face looks like it’s had a serious Maori tattoo.
Blaschko’s lines don’t conform to any other structures under the skin – such as the nervous system or the blood vessels - and no-one has ever really explained why they’re there. Cats and dogs have them too. [~QI : Stripes]
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